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TAHNYC Lux Collagen Luminescence Cream

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Lux is a concentrated skin-activated Collagen Peptide Cream centered on intensive collagen repair with focus on rejuvenating and diminishing the signs of aging, wrinkles, fine and deep lines while restoring and nurturing the skin’s natural plumpness, firmness, and suppleness.

With Lux we approach activating collagen production and renewal with a highly concentrated blend of cellular Peptides, Vitamin C, in an infusion of sebum identicals and skin supporting naturals rich in Vitamin A, Oleic, Linoleic and Alpha-Linolenic Acids focusing on synergistically restoring and repairing, healing and reinforcing skin cell integrity whilst stimulating collagen production, nourishing and maintaining the skin's youthful appearance.

Lux is skin activated emulsifier free cream, it’s truly like nothing you’ve tried before. It melts on touch with your skin, with a decadent silk texture, Lux provides superior clean deep hydration infused with collagen-rich peptides.

Always respectful to your skin, Lux is for all skin types including highly sensitive, acne-prone, and oily.

Antiaging/Graceful Aging . Fine and Deep Lines. Wrinkles . Appropriate for Antiaging Preventative Care . Collagen Care . Hydration with Antiaging Benefits . Hydration and Signs of Aging . Emulsifier Free Moisturizer . For All Skin Types

• Stimulating Collagen Production
• Fine + Deep Lines and Wrinkles
• Skin Radiance and Healthy Glow
• Antiaging Preventative Care
• Deep Hydration + Antiaging Benefits
• For all skin types including highly sensitive, acne prone and oily

    TAHNYC Lux Collagen Luminescence Cream
    TAHNYC Lux Collagen Luminescence Cream

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