Egyptian Sugaring

At Botanical Nail and Skin Studio, we are bringing the Ancient Egyptian Method Of Sugaring To New Orleans.

Sugaring is an all-natural method of removing unwanted hair. Consisting of only sugar, water, and lemon, it is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and gentle on even the most sensitive skin. The sugar paste grabs the hairs by the root, and extracts them in the same direction of hair growth, meaning no hair breakage, leaving you smoother for longer. It also removes dead skin cells and does not adhere to your skin, which greatly reduces the pain, redness, and irritation. Since it’s water-soluble, there is virtually no mess after your service, as it dissolves immediately when water is applied.

Hair removal preparation

Hair length: it is important to come into your hair removal service with at least 1/4 inch of growth, in order to effectively remove your hair. If your hair growth is not sufficient for removal, you will have to be rescheduled and pay a $20 rescheduling fee.

Avoid caffeine/alcohol the day of your service, as it increases blood flow and sensitivity. Ibuprofen or aspirin before your service can help reduce pain and prevent swelling.

DO NO SHAVE: however tempting it may be to get rid of the stubble that grows in between appointments, shaving is counterproductive to sugaring and waxing. Because hair grows on separate cycles, shaving ensures a more uneven result. Shaving causes the texture of your hair to feel more thick, sharp, and coarse, negating some of the major benefits of sugaring. Shaving can cause irritation and ingrown hairs. Lastly, shaving will make your next sugaring appointment more painful.

Exfoliation: use an exfoliating scrub regularly between your treatments to help prevent ingrown hairs, and to keep your skin and hair follicles soft and smooth. Our master mixologist creates a two spa sugar scrub created for sugaring: No. 50 Adzuki Bean Scrub and No. 52 Turmeric Sugar Skin Lightning Scrub

Tanning: tanning (in the sun or in a bed) the day of your appointment leaves your skin extra sensitive, which can lead to more pain and irritation. If the hair removal area will be exposed to the sun the following day, make sure to use high spf sunscreen. Alternatively, getting sugared right after spray tanning will remove your tan anywhere that the sugar is applied. Always get your spray tan at least 24 hours after having hair removed.

Exercise: sweating, chaffing, and high body temperature can cause a freshly sugared area to become irritated, swollen, sensitive, and cause ingrown hairs. Wait at least 24 hours before working out.

Waxing Maintenance: Book your hair removal appointments on a regular maintenance schedule (every 4-6 weeks) to ensure the smoothest result.

How important are your first 3 appointments?

If you are planning to use Sugaring to soften or reduce hair, it is important that your first 3 Sugaring sessions be booked fairly close together, we recommend every 3-4 weeks. These are your most important bookings, as they will quickly reduce the amount of overall hair and soften coarse, stubborn hair. Regular sugar treatments result in a less painful, more thorough removal of hairs, and allow for slower growth of hair which can, in some cases, lead to a permanent reduction.