The Benefits of Multi-Masking

The Benefits of Multi-Masking

We love to mask at the studio! So, it comes to no surprise that I love to multi-mask. Facial masks aren't a one-size-fits-all solution for women. Your skin issues are unique to you, so should be the mask you apply to your skin. Multi-masking is excellent because it allows you to create a customized solution to address your specific skin needs, area by area. Forget treating one skin issue one mask at a time, tackle them all at the same damn time.


For optimum penetration of any mask, remove all makeup and cleanse the skin using lukewarm water to soften up the pores.

  1. Then exfoliate to remove any dead skin on the surface of your face, to allow the mask to penetrate fully. We suggest using our No. 50 Adzuki Bean scrub.

  2. Try steaming your skin beforehand to further open pores by taking a hot shower, using a facial steamer, or placing a warm cloth over your face for a few seconds. We also recommend microneedleing, use caution and make sure you are aware of the does and don't


Okay, let's talk about your skin areas and what they need to get the most out of multi-masking.


Apply a detoxifying mask activated charcoal or mineral clay-mask along your T-zone 

Eye Area

Hydration is the key here, an eye mask with active ingredients to smooth and minimize the appearance of fine lines. It should contain contains hyaluronic acid and brighten dark circles, reduce puffiness, and restore hydration. We recommend 24K Golden Collagen Eye Pads. 

Cheeks and Jaw

Use a moisturizing mask on drier parts of the face. Masks that have Vitamin C and botanical extracts are great to plump up the cheeks.

You can use a clay mask to contain all the above attributes by adding the right liquid to the mask. For Hydration and Vitamin C: Mix ½ cup yogurt, ½ cup mashed strawberries, and ¼ cup honey. The lactic acid in the yogurt gently exfoliates while the fat hydrates, strawberries are a natural source of salicylic acid (a proven blemish buster), and the honey is anti-inflammatory. Combine with our No.46 Hibiscus Flower + Geranium Mask that is packed full of vitamin C with strawberry powder. We have created a multi-masking facial mask set for you to try the wonders of masking.


Close your pores is an essential part of the process to lock in the healing ingredients from your face mask and avoid any more dirt in your freshly cleaned pores. Apply a toner to your face; we recommend our No. 27 Helichrysum toner. Follow the toner with a facial oil, serum, or moisturizer. Our botanical facial oils optimize your skin's hydration with anti-oxidants and nutrients to nourish your skin.